Crow & Associates
  Attorneys shown left to right: Mike Crow, Marti Crow, Alyssa Brockert, Amy Coppola, Peter Robertson  
  Military Connection

Mike Crow is an Army veteran and was disabled in Vietnam while he served as an Infantry Officer. Mr. Crow is the only Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) participating attorney in Kansas.

Attorneys Marti Crow, Curt Holmes, Amy Coppola, and Legal Secretaries Becky Massoth and Pam (Scott) Matzeder are all military brats.  Marti Crow's dad was a Colonel in the Air Force and a former fighter pilot.  Amy Coppola's father is a retired Army Colonel and Becky Massoth's father is a retired Chief Warrant Officer IV. Pam Matzeder's dad served in WW II, the Korean War and Vietnam War.  He retired in Leavenworth as a LTC in the Army.  Notably, he is also a veteran of the Atomic Testing in Nevada and one of the few surviving members of the infamous Task Force Smith.
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